DFES Volunteer Firefighter seriously injured assisting at MVA

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Firefighter Chris Unstead is a decorated firie with the Bullsbrook Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service in Western Australia who has been injured – and he needs our help.

Earlier this week, Chris was flagged down by motorists on his way home and stopped to assist at an MVA rollover. Whilst assisting the occupants, Chris became pinned under the car himself and has sustained serious lower leg and foot injuries – to the point where he may lose his leg entirely.

Chris is looking down the barrel of 12 months of rehabilitation, or possibly losing his leg, and as a self-employed business owner and family man, this is not going to be easy. Not only is he unable work, but he also can’t do any of the things he’s passionate about – like helping others. For a man that’s constantly been there for other people, it’s only fair that people are there to assist him in his time of need.

In 2018, Chris was awarded the WA Fire and Emergency Service Award in 2018, which is the highest individual honour for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Let’s see if we can’t help Chris and his family out and make life a little easier. Please, donate above.

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