CP48 – The new IVECO CAFS Pumper

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Mortdale Fire Station in Sydney took delivery of their brand new IVECO Type 2 CAFS pumper this week and we’ve got the photos and specs to look over! Check out the brand spanking new CP48!

We are very fortunate to be the second station who has the opportunity to provide constructive operational feedback to FRNSW. Our station is one of six who are trialling the new IVECO CAFS urban pumper. Not only will our local area benefit, but the surrounding communites will see the benefits of this new appliance and its capabilities.

Engine Keeper Potter

Firefighting Systems and Modifications

The appliance can be configured as a Standard, Primary or Secondary Rescue Pumper whilst maintaining a 2000 litre water tank capacity. It features three lockers on each side of the body, with two additional rear lockers for flaked hose and one traverse locker.

The pump itself is a Rosenbauer NH30 combined Normal / High-Pressure pump with simultaneous operation of normal and high-pressure stages. It has a 3 metres rated suction lift, capable of being in operation in 7 seconds. Normal-pressure output is rated at 2900 L/min @ 1000 kPa, with high pressure running at 300 L/min @ 4000 kPa.

Making it easy for the pump operators, the schematic waterway is nice and colour coded. Four soft suction inlets and one hard suction inlet area at the rear of the appliance, with four deliveries outlets, two on each side.

The rear hose real is 75m of 19mm NB Fire Booster hose with an Akron Turbojet 1704 nozzle, rated to 115L/min. The pumper is also equipped with a 20,000 lumen manual light mast.

Technical Specifications

Chassis Manufacturer: IVECO
Body Manufacturer. SEM
Model: IVECO ML 160E 25DP
Seating: Maximum of 6 seated occupants
Dimensions, Weight: Gross operational mass (GOM): 13,300 Kg
GVM: 16,000 Kg
Turning circle (kerb to kerb): 15.0m
Turning circle (wall to wall): 17.0m
Overall length: 8.0m
Overall height: 3.0m
Overall width: 2.5m
Overall with mirrors: 3.0m
Vehicle Engine: Iveco Tector 6 (F4A)
Engine Performance: Power 210 kW (280 HP) @ 2700 rpm
Transmission: Allison 5 speed automatic transmission with retarder
Pump Drive: IVECO engine via Chelsea PTO

Thanks to the crew over at 048 for the information and CJD Photography for the photos!

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