We spoke with Mylor CFS brigade about their brand new appliance, Mylor 34P. This appliance has it all, here’s what they had to say.

It is based on an Isuzu FTS 800 Chassis, built by Fraser Engineering from Wellington, New Zealand. The truck is designed as an urban/rural ‘light’ pumper/tanker, with a pump powered by a Deutz BF4L2011 engine coupled to Darley HE500 pump.

Mylor 34P

The truck carries 4 sets of breathing apparatus along with urban stowage including a 3 stage extension ladder. Some additional features include a light mast for scene lighting, remote bumper mounted monitor and in cab pump controls.

The truck is also fitted with a cabin deluge system & wheel arch sprays along with in cab breathing system, and reflective heat shielding to protect the trucks occupants during a burnover.

As part of the construction of the appliance the Isuzu cab chassis has had just about all exterior plastic components replaced with aftermarket metal ones e.g. door handles mud guards etc.

The truck is less than a week old and we are still working on locker layout, so some stowage may not make sense/look un-tidy.

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