CFA Firies deploy AED whilst at grass fire

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In March 2017 CFA stations Lara, Little River and Corio were paged to a reported grass fire on Plains Road in Lara. On arrival the Lara Tanker 1 assumed control and began to combat the grass and paddocks that were well alight. As appliances worked on the grass fire in a paddock near a farm house, VicFire advised Lara Tanker 1 that Ambulance Victoria had received a call to a person suffering smoke inhalation nearby.

Lara Tanker 1 responded from the fire ground and found a person lying near a tractor suffering chest pains and shortness of breath. After making a quick assessment, they deployed the AED in case his condition worsened. Within minutes, the patient’s condition deteriorated and the AED warned that a shock was required.

A shock was administered and the patient regained composure and his vital signs began to improve. He was treated by the Lara crew until an ambulance arrived and he was transported to hospital.

Great work, firefighters David Love, Michelle Cable and Brian Stevens from Lara! The AED was installed on the appliance having been fund raised by the station and local community.

Firefighters David Love, Michelle Cable and Brian Stevens from Lara Station

Firefighters David Love, Michelle Cable and Brian Stevens from Lara Station

Photo : Lara CFA facebook

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