Scumbag scammers target MND climb

We try to keep it positive here at Flashover, reporting on the achievements of firefighters across the country. But every now and then you hear or see something that just really grinds your gears.

Team Zulu are back and full of funk!

There is just no quit in Team Zulu, who are back behind the camera to produce another amazing awareness video! Team Zulu are just one of the many teams entered into the Firefighters climb for MND 2018, but they are the lead fundraising team for the second year in a row and have raised a staggering $65,000 for the 2017/18 climbs!

Video: Team Zulu’s MND promo video is hilariously awesome

Team Zulu from NSW has gone the extra mile for the firies climb and have put together this hilarious parody video in an effort to shake the can!

Video: Firefighters Use Power Saws To Make Entry To Sydney Industrial Fire

Heavy fire involved a large industrial dumpster along with surrounding materials, with flames threatening factories on either side of the fire. Crews used power saws and ground ladders to make access to the secured premises, scaling fences and cutting down gates.

HAZMAT with injuries in Sydney Hotel

On arrival, crews established that a large amount of chlorine and hydrochloric acid had been accidentally mixed together and found a number of hotel guests affected.

AMAZING photos & video from NSW Fires

These are some of the best fireground photos we've seen this year. This really does show the brutal conditions firies were working under!

Legend makes nearly 300 free coffee’s for firies

When the fires kicked off in Port Stephens in August 2018, Karl grabbed his mobile coffee van, phoned the local fire control center and organised to be escorted into the staging area. When he got there, he pumped out over 295 free coffees for all the firies as a thank you for their efforts!
399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018

Training: FRNSW 399 drill with the “BA trailer”

Fire &/+ Rescue operates what is known as the BA Trailer, a specialised operational appliance which makes its way around the state giving firefighters a chance to train in heavy smoke whilst inside a makeshift house/building/structure. We spoke with 399 Narrabri about their recent drill night in the trailer and what the crew took away from it.

Video: Watch RP62 Bankstown respond into the sunset

62 were straight on the horns and rumbler as they pull out of the engine bay and into good old Sydney traffic. Majestic. 

Video: Amazing door entry drill for Perisher Valley firies!

Now this is a door entry drill like no other - have a look at what the snowy crews face when preparing to enter a building!



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