399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018

Training: FRNSW 399 drill with the “BA trailer”

Fire &/+ Rescue operates what is known as the BA Trailer, a specialised operational appliance which makes its way around the state giving firefighters a chance to train in heavy smoke whilst inside a makeshift house/building/structure. We spoke with 399 Narrabri about their recent drill night in the trailer and what the crew took away from it.
Kyneton CFA Smoke Drill

Photos: Smoke and fire in multi station CFA drill

With the use of multiple smoke machines, a disused hardware store and a LPG fire prop - this drill involved Kyneton Fire Brigade, Carlsruhe Fire Brigade CFA & Malmsbury Fire Brigade which were "responded" to reports of smoke issuing from the recently closed Turners Hardware store. Great photos, too! If you're browsing our website using an Android phone, PC or a Mac - lookout for the new red notification bell. Click it, stay in the loop!
Keysborough CFA Drill

Photos: Keysborough’s great training session

Keysborough Fire Brigade from the CFA undertook some great scenario drills recently with their adjoining station Springvale CFA - bringing with it some equally great photography! Looked like a really good hands on session, even with a firefighter down drill thrown in for good measure. Check it out.

Drill: Large scale building alight with persons reported

Crews forced entry and conducted primary searches for confirmed persons reported.



Great Photography