Photos: NSW RFS & FRNSW Bulk Water Tankers

Check out these photos of the inside and outside of NSW RFS and FRNSW bulk water tankers.

Video: MFB Pumper 10 turns out from FRNSW City Of Sydney Station

Watch the MFB's Pumper 10 turn out from FRNSW 001 station in Sydney.

Photo Set: Campbellfield 4th Alarm VIC

Blair Dellemijn was on scene to shoot a large factory fire in Campbellfield, VIC - which made it to 4th alarm. The incident involved over 60 firefighters and took hours to bring under control as the factory contained raw flammable liquid used to manufacture products.

NSW RFS trail bikes used in land search

RFS trail bike crews were made available to search bush land and became a vital tool in the search - being able to cover far greater distances than the parties on foot.

Photo Super Set: Kurri Kurri fire in NSW

On 18/01/2017, two major fires started in the Kurri Kurri area of NSW - stretching local crews to the absolute limits. Multiple strikes teams were dispatched...

Photo & Video Set : 8th Alarm in Sydney

Martin Grant was on scene at a major structure fire in Sydney's inner west. The incident started at 20:41 on 13/1/2017 contained a large...

CFS Mylor 34P – Brand spanking new with info and photos

We spoke with Mylor CFS brigade about their brand new appliance, Mylor 34P. This appliance has it all, here's what they had to say. It...

Photo Set : NSW Fire & Rescue Pumper 248

This Mercedes Atego Class 2 Pumper was delivered to Camden in April 2016, it responds to approximately 550 calls per year and is staffed...



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