Audio: Radio of Kilsyth factory fire

Following on from our previous post regarding the large factory fire in Kilsyth VIC, we have the dispatch and operations radio recordings available. If you haven't seen the footage, watch the clip below before the audio. If the sounds of the gas cylinders in the video weren't terrifying enough, wait until you hear the first arriving appliance!
CFA HyChill fire

Photos & Video: Explosive factory fire in VIC

Don't miss the video in this one! On October 13th CFA and MFB stations responded to reports of a factory fire - going well. The premises known as HyChill produced air-conditioning gas and reportedly had anywhere from 100-300 gas cylinders in the factory.

Team Zulu are back and full of funk!

There is just no quit in Team Zulu, who are back behind the camera to produce another amazing awareness video! Team Zulu are just one of the many teams entered into the Firefighters climb for MND 2018, but they are the lead fundraising team for the second year in a row and have raised a staggering $65,000 for the 2017/18 climbs!

Interview: Hannah Marie, the NZ firie training for the Sydney MND climb

Training is ramping up all over Australia for the Sydney MND climb and we came across photos of one particular firie who has taken her training to the next level - and she's not even in the country! Check out the amazing training she's doing before flying over.

Video: Team Zulu’s MND promo video is hilariously awesome

Team Zulu from NSW has gone the extra mile for the firies climb and have put together this hilarious parody video in an effort to shake the can!

Video: Firefighters Use Power Saws To Make Entry To Sydney Industrial Fire

Heavy fire involved a large industrial dumpster along with surrounding materials, with flames threatening factories on either side of the fire. Crews used power saws and ground ladders to make access to the secured premises, scaling fences and cutting down gates.

Video: Are you doing #1504 for MND?

Are you up for the #1504forMND challenge? See what's involved and help support this amazing event and very worthy cause.

FLAIM – The virtual reality firefighting simulator

There is no denying that as technology advances, our training techniques will (or should) progress with it.  This VR setup features haptic feedback, breathing apparatus and heated PPE!

Video: Watch RP62 Bankstown respond into the sunset

62 were straight on the horns and rumbler as they pull out of the engine bay and into good old Sydney traffic. Majestic. 

Video: Amazing door entry drill for Perisher Valley firies!

Now this is a door entry drill like no other - have a look at what the snowy crews face when preparing to enter a building!



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