The FRNSW BA training trailer

The interior has a number of compartments or rooms that can be changed around as required. These rooms have different furnishings and can be laid out in a number of different ways (residential/commercial/bedroom/bathroom/kitchen etc) and has the ability to have different heat sources and smoke filled areas.

Video: The Secret Fireman gets spooned by smoke

"You'll notice that while there is a flame the smoke is black (incomplete combustion). However, when the flame is extinguished by blowing it out the smoke turns white (pyrolysis products)".

Video: Ladder slide / hinge

What do you think about this form of ladder slide/victim retrieval method? Are the benefits greater than the potential for error?

Station Spotlight: Roleystone with multi agency chopper drill!

We spoke with Roleystone Volunteer Fire Brigade about their interesting history, being both a Bush Fire Brigade and a Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service....

Interview : Leadership author Sally Steward

We had the pleasure to catch up with Sally Steward, author of Emergency Service Volunteers: How To Get Them and Keep Them and Leadership Lessons from...

Interview : First female motor drivers for FRNSW 405

Response driving, hose lays and getting the pump to work has now been officially ticked off for Hayley and Rebecca, the first ever female firefighters...

MFB’s amazing ship training prop

As far as training centers go, the Melbourne Fire Brigade have one of the best. Have a look at this video, taken of the...

The Secret Fireman : Burning Regimes

In his latest edition, the the secret fireman discusses burning regimes and how firefighters can identify and combat different types of fire.



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