Gungahlin RFB 38mm bowling challenge

It was raining so we decided to do a little maintenance work. Some of the hoses needed re-rolling so for some fun we made a mini bowling alley.

Suspended car with persons trapped / cordage drill!

Crews needed to stabilise the vehicle, extricate then package the patient - all while suspended in the air via cordage.

The self locking donut, cleveland lay & scorpion tail!

Have you seen any of these hose lays used in the field? Do they have merit? Perhaps they might be something worth trying at the next training day.

Drill: Large scale building alight with persons reported

Crews forced entry and conducted primary searches for confirmed persons reported.

Live fire training with Tassie’s Taroona VFB

Firefighters from Taroona VFB undertook a series of training scenarios involving both LPG cylinders and car fires.

Controlled house fire training exercise with Otaki VFB NZ

Photos & Video. Not only was the burn used for offensive fire attack training, they used it to test different types of smoke alarms, equipment and trained on forcible entry techniques.
Drilling with Titirangi

Drilling with Titirangi station in New Zealand.

Search and rescue, smoke filled rooms, live "mock" victims - an action packed training night for Titirangi Station in New Zealand.

Videos: The cleveland roll. Your next training session?

It's not a widely used or adopted roll in Australia - but maybe it should be? The cleveland roll offers many benefits, including deploying in confined spaces or in bushland, rapid deployment, less tangles and easy stowage.

Videos: Pumping Drills with FRNSW 001

Watch as FRNSW 001 City Of Sydney B Platoon undertakes a pumping exercise in Sydney Harbour.

Augmented reality firefighter training

The system is augmented reality, which means it overlays fire on top of what you're looking at - so you can train in familiar places like ships, buildings and structures and have simulated fire conditions in front of you.



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