FRNSW 073 - Hose Trick

Video: FRNSW 073 demonstrate handy 70mm hose assist

This is a great trick to keep up your sleeve. As you can see, the hose can easily be advanced with little effort. In this instance, a single loop pocket line was used by feeding the rope around the hoseline and back through the loop, then tying a clove hitch further down to secure it. We'd love to see other stations give this a try - drop us a line if you do!
FRNSW 018 Glebe Drill

Photos: Drill with FRNSW 018 Glebe

FRNSW 018 Glebe posted these photos of a great winter (not that you'd know it!) drill. Looked like a ripper of a day for a drill.
Governors Bay Rescue

Photos: Governors Bay VFB rescue people from car

When training becomes reality - Governors Bay RFB were out training on a cold and wet night when they were responded to a car down an embankment. Looks like pretty average conditions to be performing a rescue!
Kyneton CFA Smoke Drill

Photos: Smoke and fire in multi station CFA drill

With the use of multiple smoke machines, a disused hardware store and a LPG fire prop - this drill involved Kyneton Fire Brigade, Carlsruhe Fire Brigade CFA & Malmsbury Fire Brigade which were "responded" to reports of smoke issuing from the recently closed Turners Hardware store. Great photos, too! If you're browsing our website using an Android phone, PC or a Mac - lookout for the new red notification bell. Click it, stay in the loop!
Keysborough CFA Drill

Photos: Keysborough’s great training session

Keysborough Fire Brigade from the CFA undertook some great scenario drills recently with their adjoining station Springvale CFA - bringing with it some equally great photography! Looked like a really good hands on session, even with a firefighter down drill thrown in for good measure. Check it out.

Video: Fire behavior with The Secret Firefighter

The Secret Firefighter is back to talk fire behavior in this wicked training video! "This is a great video to test your knowledge of fire behaviour, I will attempt to break down and give my opinion on what the three extreme fire behaviours are in the video above." If you see a red bell icon on the bottom right of your screen when viewing the website, your device or browser is compatible with our new notification system. One click and you're in!

Video: Russian firies training in ‘maze of fire’

Firefighter: Ok Boss, I've got this idea for a drill session. We'll get a bunch of cages and link them together, then set fire to a heap of stuff inside them. Once that's happening, the guys can run through in full PPE and see if, well, they can make it out the other side? Boss: Make it happen.

Drill: Tamworth RFB create great 65mm hose drill

Have you ever seen a hose set up like this to form a water source? Check out this fantastic drill from Tamworth City Rural Fire Brigade - something for your next training day for sure!

Video: Interesting gas prop fire suppression technique

First off, that is one crazy way to light the prop! Secondly, what do you think of the technique used in this video?

Videos: ZAP! An energy company shows the dangers of electricity for firefighters

Looking for some videos to pad out your next training day? "Duke Energy Demonstrates how a rubber fire boot is not designed to prevent electrocution and will not protect a firefighter operating near high voltage energized systems".



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