Crane Collapse - Sydney. Derek Ho

Photos: Crane collapses into apartments in Sydney

Derek Ho got a bunch of great photos from a large scale rescue incident in Sydney today. A crane that was believed to be setting up for work fell backwards and impacted an apartment block. The crane operator was in the cabin at the time.
Governors Bay Rescue

Photos: Governors Bay VFB rescue people from car

When training becomes reality - Governors Bay RFB were out training on a cold and wet night when they were responded to a car down an embankment. Looks like pretty average conditions to be performing a rescue!
Nar Nar Goon CFA

Photos : Nar Nar Goon’s CFA Rescue appliance

We had a chat with the guys from Nar Nar Goon CFA station about their role in the local community. They are a volunteer station and run a "pumper/tanker" which is an old tanker retrofitted to act as a pumper and a rescue appliance. They attend around 300+ calls a year, half of that being rescue incidents.

FRNSW USAR mobilised after fire damages commercial structure

We spoke with FRNSW USAR about a recent incident they attended in a car park, which damaged structural components of the building above. "Upon arrival the team liaised with a structural engineer who confirmed that integrity was compromised ... "

Rescue upgrade for FRNSW 062 Bankstown

062 Bankstown have leveled up and unlocked a bunch of new equipment!

Video: Burning building collapses on US firefighters

Whoa! Watch this incredible video out of Iron Mountain, Michigan. "The Store Gas Station" with an adjoining burger king was alight and as fire crews were working, a portion of the wall and roof collapses trapping one firefighting under the burning debris.

Kiwis get blocked by snow, throw rescue gear in back of ute!

Tapanui Volunteer Fire Brigade were damned if they were going to let a snowed in mountain stop them from answering the call.

NSW firies rescue child from toy vending machine

FRNSW firies were called to a rescue incident at the Australian Hotel and Brewery in Rouse Hill, where a three year old boy was trapped inside a soft toy vending machine.
421 Mermaid Pools 2017

Mermaid Pools host 8 separate multi-agency rope rescues

So after a size up, our first priority is to lower a firefighter to the base of the cliff to commence first aid on the patient. Depending on injuries, weather conditions and other factors - extrication will be by a helicopter winch, a haul and recovery from the top of the 8 metre cliff, or from the top of 30 metre cliff using the Arizona Vortex off Rescue 8 (Liverpool).

Locker configuration : the lazy Susan?

Have you got a unique locker storage configuration? How about this lazy Susan setup!



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