Video: Are you doing #1504 for MND?

Are you up for the #1504forMND challenge? See what's involved and help support this amazing event and very worthy cause.
Hayley Dun - Firefighter and stair climber

Hayley Dun – Aussie Firefighter and stair climber extraordinaire!

With climbs under her belt in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Hayley has her sights set on New York!

Drager creates interesting post fire contaminants video

Do you have similar policies in your area? How do you feel about the "boxing" of CABA they mention? Let us know in the comments on the site or below. The guys over at Drager Fire have put together an interesting video about the dangerous of post incident contaminants. It highlights the potential risk areas around wearing contaminated PPE and then coming into contact with other "clean" firefighters.

Hands down – craziest firefighter workout we’ve seen

Chin ups off a ladder in full PPE with CABA and a hose lay on his back and muscle up's in full kit.

Apparently it’s hot in house fires

The physiological effect of fighting fires includes rapid weight loss and serious overheating, new research into firefighting shows. The joint study between two Bond University...



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