Video: Are you doing #1504 for MND?

Are you up for the #1504forMND challenge? See what's involved and help support this amazing event and very worthy cause.

Supporting good mental health

As firefighters, there are a few simple steps we can do to help build our resistance, resilience and increase our ability to handle the demands placed on us – regardless of the role we play in the fire services.

Writers Wanted

The Flashover admin team is made up from firefighters from all over Australia - and we're always looking to expand! What we need is people spread out over the country who are in some form of firefighting role, be it volunteer or paid, who like to write and would love to join the team.

Photo Challenge Winners!

Last week we launched a great photography challenge with prizes up for grabs from Equipped Responder. With hundreds of entries submitted, these are the winners!

AMAZING photos & video from NSW Fires

These are some of the best fireground photos we've seen this year. This really does show the brutal conditions firies were working under!

Legend makes nearly 300 free coffee’s for firies

When the fires kicked off in Port Stephens in August 2018, Karl grabbed his mobile coffee van, phoned the local fire control center and organised to be escorted into the staging area. When he got there, he pumped out over 295 free coffees for all the firies as a thank you for their efforts!

Video: Child rescued from top of live power pole

This is an incredible rescue of a young boy who climbed his way along live power lines to end up on stop of a power-pole. Watch the moment firies rescue him and bring him to safety.
Hayley Dun - Firefighter and stair climber

Hayley Dun – Aussie Firefighter and stair climber extraordinaire!

With climbs under her belt in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Hayley has her sights set on New York!
Aldinga Beach CFS Pumper

Photos: Aldinga Beach CFS receive new pumper

The new pumper is the first of 3 new appliances built by the CFS, which shares the same same design as the new CFA medium pumpers - just built on the Isuzu cab chassis. Aldinga Beach Pumper is the first one to make it out to a station and by all accounts, it's fantastic.

FLAIM – The virtual reality firefighting simulator

There is no denying that as technology advances, our training techniques will (or should) progress with it.  This VR setup features haptic feedback, breathing apparatus and heated PPE!



Great Photography