Supporting good mental health

As firefighters, there are a few simple steps we can do to help build our resistance, resilience and increase our ability to handle the demands placed on us – regardless of the role we play in the fire services.

Video: Serve Strong – Support your crew

Know the signs, back your crew. What a great little video clip to help promote standing by your team and looking out for your mental health. Tag a firie, share this post and let's treat mental health with just as much importance as we do physical health.

Video: ‘Depression and the Firefighter who fought it’

This video is fantastic - we implore you to take a minute to sit and watch it. Regardless if  you are paid or volunteer, the message remains the same. It talks about lifestyle, warning signs, the fear of asking for help and then progressing through the other side and getting better.  This video deserves to be shared throughout the services in Australia. Well done.

Traumatic calls, burnout, compassion fatigue – never get’s to me!

The mental health and stability of firefighters and first responders is a serious issue both within Australia and around the world. Have a look at these illustrations by world renowned artist Paul Combs.
Watch the video - "When the sirens are gone"

Canadian firefighter releases song about PTSD

43 year old paramedic and volunteer firefighter, Kevin Davison, teamed up with his friend Doug Foulkins to create the song titled 'When those sirens are gone'.

MFB’s mental health review now public.

There have been several articles posted this week regarding the release of the independent review of the MFB's mental health and culture. Initially the...

We’ve got to do better than this

World renowned fire artist, Paul Combs, has hit another one home. He's written a moving article to go along with his illustration about mental health...

October is Mental Health Month

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is the state of well-being in which every individual with their own potential, can cope...



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