Greenville NC Fire & Rescue hybrid Fire / EMS appliance!

This unit is a fully rated fire engine, carrying 500 gallons of water, a 1250 GPM pump, and all the needed fire equipment. It also carries all the same equipment as our Paramedic level EMS transport units, including a stretcher.

New Zealand firies complete NYC Memorial Climb

We had a minute of silence next to the reflection pools before climbing. We each carried a tag of a fallen firefighter that died in 9/11. As you climb, their photos are on the walls in the stairwell. This is very sad but motivating at the same time.

Firefighters recount the Sir Ivan fire in NSW

"A lot of effort put in by a lot of volunteers... the volunteers deserve a lot of congratulations for what they did. They didn't need to be asked, they did a lot of things that men shouldn't need to have done"

Interview: Vicky Reynen – Aerial ignition crewmember

Vicky Reynen is an aerial ignition crewmember for the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia. We spoke in depth about what her role involves and how she ended up there.

Interview: Natalie Jones – Erickson’s first female Skycrane Captain!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Jones, who is Erickson's first female Skycrane Captain. Natalie spoke about her background, previous flying experience and what lead her to becoming the Erickon's first female captain of the infamous skycrane.

Australia’s first firefighting Blackhawk!

We spoke with Timberline Helicopters who are the first company in Australia to use the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter for firefighting! Take a look at...

Interview : Leadership author Sally Steward

We had the pleasure to catch up with Sally Steward, author of Emergency Service Volunteers: How To Get Them and Keep Them and Leadership Lessons from...

Interview : First female motor drivers for FRNSW 405

Response driving, hose lays and getting the pump to work has now been officially ticked off for Hayley and Rebecca, the first ever female firefighters...

Interview : Adam Kamenek & The Basin CFA Christmas video

We took 5 and spoke with Adam Kamenek, the man behind that great Christmas video where he lights up an entire station's appliances in time with a banging Christmas tune. It's great to see stations going to this level of effort to put something fun together. Check out the video and interview below.



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