Meet Gabby Keats, the CFA firie about to climb the World Trade Center

We found out about a CFA firie who is funding her own way to New York to climb the World Trade Center at the 5th Annual New York City Memorial Climb - meet Gabby Keats!

Interview: Hannah Marie, the NZ firie training for the Sydney MND climb

Training is ramping up all over Australia for the Sydney MND climb and we came across photos of one particular firie who has taken her training to the next level - and she's not even in the country! Check out the amazing training she's doing before flying over.
Hayley Dun - Firefighter and stair climber

Hayley Dun – Aussie Firefighter and stair climber extraordinaire!

With climbs under her belt in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Hayley has her sights set on New York!
399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018

Training: FRNSW 399 drill with the “BA trailer”

Fire &/+ Rescue operates what is known as the BA Trailer, a specialised operational appliance which makes its way around the state giving firefighters a chance to train in heavy smoke whilst inside a makeshift house/building/structure. We spoke with 399 Narrabri about their recent drill night in the trailer and what the crew took away from it.

Meet Cam Simpson, the FRNSW Ninja Warrior!

As people ran, jumped, swung and crashed their way through the Australian Ninja Warrior course this season, there were competitors from within the Australian firefighting ranks. Meet Cameron Simpson, Firefighter at 085 Chester Hill with Fire & Rescue NSW, who competed last night and made his way through to the semi finals!
Eynsham Fire Station

UK’s Eynsham Fire Station create fantastic tribute to the fallen

We saw this video and just had to reach out to Eynsham station to find out a bit more about it. They have created a great video in memory of the fallen, utilising lengths of dark red hose to represent the poppy flower - a flower which is now recognised as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who have died during war time. What a great video, well worth having a look at.
Marina Fire - Brian Muscatell

Video: Awesome drone footage of Marina Fire in the US

We spoke with Brian Muscatell who managed to grab some fantastic drone footage of a Marina Fire in the states. We asked him about the incident and what kind of equipment he used to get the footage. "I grabbed the Polly backpack, kissed the wife and was off like a flash. While I was hightailing it down there, the first of the firetrucks arrived." - If you're browsing our website using an Android phone, PC or a Mac - lookout for the new red notification bell. Click it, stay in the loop!

Interview: James Madry, the man behind Galston’s new pumper video!

This has got to be the best appliance 'reveal' video we've seen yet. We spoke to the man behind this awesome video and asked him all about how it came to be. If you've not seen this video yet, it's unreal.
Anna and Emma

Interview: The adventures of rural firefighters Anna and Emma!

This is a fantastic interview with Emma and Anna, two ACT RFS firefighters who run a facebook page about their adventures on and off the fireground. Firefighting, crossfit, wine, community spirit - it's all in here! "Anna and I initially started our page to help our fundraising adventure with the organization ‘Droptober’ where we raised $1690 for the variety charity. Nowadays the page is dedicated to the adventures we get up to as rural firefighters in the ACT and as friends. Overall however, the page is designed to encourage others to step outside their comfort zone and volunteer for their local communities."

ACT firie trades gifts with firefighters in Kabul

Ed from the Gungahlin Rural Fire Brigade was overseas, ticking off bucket list items in Kabul when he came up with the idea of attempting to connect with a fire station over there. What followed next was fantastic.



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