Video: Rosenbauer testing electric fire appliance (CFT)

Turn up the sound for this one, listen to the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) from Rosenbauer zip up the street!

Photos: Waitakere’s custom designed WAIT7711

Just have a look at this beast of an appliance. Custom designed by a team of people in the Waitakere community and Auckland Rural Fire, WAIT7711 is a force to be reckoned with! Packing a whole range of equipment and abilities, this would be an amazing asset to any fire district.
Titiangi VFB - 2nd Alarm 2017

Photos: 3rd alarm after lighting strikes building, twice!

The Kiwis had an interesting working job recently where lightning struck a War Memorial Hall... twice! The incident was upgraded to a 3rd alarm as the crews had to relocate over 300 paintings!

Video: ARFF appliance arrives at domestic shed fire

So, this is what happens when you have a mutual aid agreement with the local airport and they are first arriving to a shed fire in your area. Kind of surprised the shed was still standing after the beating that it took! "Uh, Hey Ryan.. I've got some bad news for you, buddy. Your sheds gone up in flames"

Videos: “Out of the box” CABA drills

If you're looking for some out of the box (see what we did there?!) training ideas, have a go at these videos from Marshall Volunteer Department and Prospect Volunteer Fire Department. Would your brigade ever knock something like this up for a local training prop?

Video: US Firies attach gas monitor to drone for factory fire

This is a new one, we've seen plenty of drones used for video and scanning purposes, but what about attaching a gas detector? Alameda County Fire Department in the states recently gave it a try and by the looks of it, it worked pretty well!
Governors Bay Rescue

Photos: Governors Bay VFB rescue people from car

When training becomes reality - Governors Bay RFB were out training on a cold and wet night when they were responded to a car down an embankment. Looks like pretty average conditions to be performing a rescue!
Marina Fire - Brian Muscatell

Video: Awesome drone footage of Marina Fire in the US

We spoke with Brian Muscatell who managed to grab some fantastic drone footage of a Marina Fire in the states. We asked him about the incident and what kind of equipment he used to get the footage. "I grabbed the Polly backpack, kissed the wife and was off like a flash. While I was hightailing it down there, the first of the firetrucks arrived." - If you're browsing our website using an Android phone, PC or a Mac - lookout for the new red notification bell. Click it, stay in the loop!

Video: Fire behavior with The Secret Firefighter

The Secret Firefighter is back to talk fire behavior in this wicked training video! "This is a great video to test your knowledge of fire behaviour, I will attempt to break down and give my opinion on what the three extreme fire behaviours are in the video above." If you see a red bell icon on the bottom right of your screen when viewing the website, your device or browser is compatible with our new notification system. One click and you're in!
Wire Strike

Video: Firefighting helicopter suffers wire strike in Portugal

Watch as a helicopter conducting firefighting operations in Portugal finishes a refill and strikes power lines on the way back to the fireground. It's hard to see in the video, but apparently the lines dropped close to the people in the boat.



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