HAZMAT with injuries in Sydney Hotel

On arrival, crews established that a large amount of chlorine and hydrochloric acid had been accidentally mixed together and found a number of hotel guests affected.

Photos: 1000L of spilt cream causes HAZMAT in Peakhurst

These jobs are the ones dreams are made of. On the 14th of December 2017 as the day began to warm up to a nice balmy 36 degrees in Sydney, a Transit Van was driving on Boundary Road in Peakhurst NSW when it stopped for the lights on an uphill slope. As the driver took off, the pallet that had a single 1000L bag of cream sitting on it broke free and burst out the back doors of the van.
4th Alarm - 357 Lambton

Photos: 4th Alarm Fire destroys recycling plant in NSW

Crews from 462 Mayfield West and 357 Lambton Fire & Rescue NSW were responded to reports of a building fire and on arrival, found a recycling compound with heavy smoke and fire showing. Initially crews were hampered by multiple locked gates and had to force entry to begin fire operations.

Video: Watch MFB Control Unit 1A turnout!

Watch as the giant MFB Control 1A turns out for a 2nd alarm HAZMAT incident on the Monash Freeway. Looks like it would be a bit of a handful to respond that through the city!

Video: US Firies attach gas monitor to drone for factory fire

This is a new one, we've seen plenty of drones used for video and scanning purposes, but what about attaching a gas detector? Alameda County Fire Department in the states recently gave it a try and by the looks of it, it worked pretty well!

Dirty fishtank causes large scale hazmat in SA

First arriving crews requested additional HAZMAT resources which had to be rotated throughout the incident, which lasted nearly 18 hours. Brigades carried out decontamination of ...
468 Tweed Excavator

Bogged excavator casues HAZMAT concerns

A 25 Tonne excavator was stuck in a creek and while water was pumped from around the excavator & firefighters laid booms in the creek to stop any environmental damage.

On Scene : Multi agency response for sinking boat in NSW

We spoke with 295 Station Forster about a multi agency response that occurred for a sinking boat.   On 11/01/2017 at 17:14 FRNSW Pumper 295 and...

Video : Large factory fire in Woolgoolga NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service attended a large factory fire in Woolgoolga NSW. https://www.facebook.com/frank.redward/videos/10154931275034507/ Source : Frank Redward via Facebook.

Dangerous silo fire in Northern NSW

On 19/12/16 @ 11:24hrs crews from Narrabri 399 were called to a Silo Incident on Old Gunnedah Road. Flashover spoke with 399 Station about what...



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