Station Spotlight : 426 Perisher Valley NSW

We spoke with 426 Perisher Valley Fire Station about their staffing, appliances and setup through the winter season. Have a look at the gear they have for getting around in the snow!

Falls Creek CFA’s Bombardier Go-Tract 500

This is primarily a structural firefighting appliance with 4x CABA sets (including extra cylinders) all the hoses (38mm & 64mm Duraline hose), variable flow fog nozzles, the usual entry tools, and salvage equipment including a positive pressure ventilation fan. It also has a Elkhart model 8297 monitor on top for great asset protection when needed.
Mungindi Rescue - Russel Perry

NSW RFS unveils Mungindi rescue appliance

Based on the SES Medium Rescue Design, this appliance will carry no firefighting capabilities to ensure it is not tasked to fire operations and remain available for rescue coverage.

MFB Ladder Platform on loan to NSW

The MFB currently has one of their ladder platforms (Car 170) on loan to Fire & Rescue NSW, which is working out of 27 station, Parramatta. The LP was entered into service in the 1990's and has apparently seen action for the MFB, CFA, ACTFR and now FRNSW!
RFS Light Rescue - Alysha Springett

Photos & Video: NSW RFS Light Rescue Prototype

This light rescue prototype was designed after consultation with brigades who determined that a trial of a light appliance as opposed to the traditional large pumper / tanker could be of more benefit in remote locations. The appliance will carry no firefighting equipment, rescue gear only. This allows the appliance to carry out rescue coverage during firefighting operations.
CFA Ultra Heavy Tanker Prototype

Photos: CFA Prototype Ultra Heavy Tanker

Modelled off the NSW RFS equivalent, the CFA has two new "Ultra Heavy Tanker's" out and doing the rounds in the field. This vehichle has a 9,000-litre water tank with a 1,000lpm pump and some interesting additions for the CFA.
East Torrens BW11 - CFS Promotions

Photos: CFS East Torrens impressive new bulk water

This new bulk water boasts an impressive hydraulic arm to lower a 'portadam' container from the side of the appliance, allowing firefighters to safely lower the dam and deploy it without having to drag it off the appliance. A back saving feature for sure!
Mulgoa Fire - 2017 - Connor Lambert

Photos & Video: Mulgoa fire in NSW draws strike teams and air resources

This is a huge post - photos of the strike team appliances, video of the VLAT and Chinook at work and a great video of a multi agency strike team on the way under lights and sirens. If you're into trucks, choppers and planes - this is the post for you!
Technical Rescue Vehicle - Connor Lambert

Photos: FRNSW Technical Rescue 063

You've seen the exterior photos of the new Technical Rescue Vehicles, but have you seen the new gear inside them? Based at Blacktown fire station, Technical Rescue 063 replaces the old "Heavy Rescue 063" and boast a whole lot more gear to go with it. These new Technical Rescue Vehicles (TRV's) bring new equipment to the field, along with gear that was previous stored and accessed on demand. We took a look inside TRV063 and some of the new equipment available to firefighters. Don't miss this one, there's a *lot* of stuff to see.

Video: Watch MFB Control Unit 1A turnout!

Watch as the giant MFB Control 1A turns out for a 2nd alarm HAZMAT incident on the Monash Freeway. Looks like it would be a bit of a handful to respond that through the city!



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