Car crashes into Ambulance Station in NSW

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A driver lost control of their car, crashed through an external wall of an ambulance station and then impacted the rear of an ambulance parked in the bay.

We’re not normally ones for posting details about MVA’s, but in this case we’ll make an exception. If you’re going to crash into something and trap yourself in a car, hitting an ambulance station is probably one of the most desirable things, short of a hospital? Actually in this case, the ambulance station *was* at the hospital.

Car crashes into Ambulance Station
Car crashes into Ambulance Station

The driver was trapped by their legs and extrication was undertaken by Fire and Rescue NSW – with the assistance of ambulance crews and hospital staff.

The technical rescue from 063 Blacktown was responded to assist with stablisation of the brick wall as firies and ambos worked to free the driver. Once the patient was removed, the car was winched from the wall as firefighters made their assessments and made the area safe.

Thanks to NSW Emergency Vehicles for the photos.

Want to know what the Technical Rescue from 063 Blacktown is all about? Check out our great writeup below.

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