43 year old paramedic and volunteer firefighter, Kevin Davison, teamed up with his friend Doug Foulkins to create the song titled ‘When those sirens are gone’.

It covers a number of issues that emergency services face, including returning to family life having just been to a traumatic event.

Kevin says the song has helped him and hopes it can help others.

If you, or a person you know on the job, is in need of assistance reach out to your service and see what help is available to you. We have a list of places that may be of help, [check that out here].

Enjoy the song and if any of it rings home, have a talk with someone. The video does depict scenes of an MVA involving children.

Remember, It’s ok to not be ok.


We also collected a bunch of the fantastic illustrations by world renowned fire service illustrator, Paul Combs. Have a look at them and please feel free to share this page around – the more attention that is drawn to mental health for first responders, the better. Stay safe.

Paul Combs - Drawn by Fire
Paul Combs – Drawn by Fire
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