“Auto donning CABA mask” akin to something from Alien

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This is an interesting concept. These masks appear to “inflate” the head straps you would normally pull tight when donning CABA/SCBA, then using air pressure it self tightens around your head. There appears to be a civilian “fast escape” mask and then a fire fighting model. Do these have a real world use for firefighters? Would those straps stay on your head with a flashhood and helmet over them?

The companies facebook page states “The first auto donning SCBA Mask – Cylinder is light weight (3.8 Kg/ 9Liters) (2.8Kg/7Liters), No corrosion, No Shelf Life, With safety excess flow valve”.


AUTO DONNING MASK for Self Contained Breathing ApparatusFor inquiries you can reach us at(0917)7903042(02)7840391Email: renlette.trading@yahoo.com.ph

Posted by Renlette Trading on Friday, 14 October 2016

Cam Lock SCBA

The first auto donning SCBA Mask Cylinder is light weight (3.8 Kg/ 9Liters) (2.8Kg/7Liters)No corrosionNo Shelf LifeWith safety excess flow valveFor inquiries Please Call or Text 0917-7903042

Posted by Renlette Trading on Sunday, 27 November 2016

auto donning mask

Auto Donning Mask For Self Contained Breathing ApparatusFor Inquiries you can reach us at(0917)7903042(02) 7840391

Posted by Renlette Trading on Tuesday, 25 October 2016



Interesting idea, but we just can’t get past….


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