Aussies take 6th in 2017 Australasian Firefighting Championships

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Devonport Fire Brigade from Tasmania recently competed in the 2017 Australasian Firefighting Championships in Carterton, New Zealand.  Fire Stations from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji competed in the championships and Devonport finished 6th overall, making them the highest placing Australian team in the championship, behind 5 New Zealand teams!

It was a great result as we had to use New Zealand equipment, fittings, hoses and some procedures. The competition involved 10 events over 2 days. We competed  on a two lane track, against another team and after all the heats had been run – the shortest time wins (with the least penalties). We didn’t have any penalties all weekend which contributed to our great result. Some of the events involved using water from the hydrants and/or on board tank supply to knock down various targets with different sized hoses and valves.


Great work to Devonport and all the teams that competed in the event – well done to the Kiwi’s for taking out the top 5 spots. Must be something in the water.

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