Augmented reality firefighter training

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Dr James Mullins from Deakin University is developing a VR firefighting simulator, using headsets and haptic feedback devices – which means the branch and hoselines you hold feel like they have water moving through them.

The system is augmented reality, which means it overlays fire on top of what you’re looking at – so you can train in familiar places like ships, buildings and structures and have simulated fire conditions in front of you.  The system also employs a heat suit, to raise PPE temperature.

“The FlAim Trainer can use augmented reality markers to superimpose flames within any environment, such as from within the engine room of a ship,” said Dr Nelson.

This means that the user can gain firefighting experience in the location where they are most likely to be confronted with it – and it allows trainees to keep learning within different types of environments.

The system includes a high-end laptop, an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a Havoc software game engine. It was developed for users such as the US and Australian Defence Departments, the nuclear industry and fire fighters.

Currently the Royal Australian Navy is evaluating the product for use.
More information can be [found here]

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