Audio: Radio of Kilsyth factory fire

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Following on from our previous post regarding the large factory fire in Kilsyth VIC, we have the dispatch and operations radio recordings available.

If you haven’t seen the footage, watch the clip below before the audio. If the sounds of the gas cylinders in the video weren’t terrifying enough, wait until you hear the first arriving appliance! 

I was one of the first on scene at this fire at gas servicing plant on canterbury rd Kilsyth an hour ago. Paid me on the spot for it, will be on channel 10 news possibly at 5pm. Did an interview as well but hooefully they dont use that haha. Ok so a few people asking if i had more footage.

Posted by Leon Duddington on Thursday, 11 October 2018
Pre-arrival video shows heavy fire
Audio captured of radio and dispatch operations

You can see our previous post about the fire, here. 

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