All aboard the brand new NSW RFS Woronora Boat Bravo

Woronora Boat Bravo - Jamie Gavan
Woronora Boat Bravo - Jamie Gavan
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Woronora Rural Fire Brigade took delivery of their new ‘Boat Bravo’, which replaces an existing model stationed at the NSW water based brigade. The boat is rated for 8 firefighters at any one time and boasts an impressive arsenal of firefighting and water-based capabilities.

This boat is newly designed and developed for the NSW RFS, following consultation with water-based Brigades, RFS Engineering, and the boat builder

Sutherland Fire Control Centre
Woronora Boat Bravo being delivered at their station

The boat is approx 8.5 meters long and powered by twin Suzuki 175’s. It has a turbo diesel pump engine and a Gaam pump connected to a monitor that has a selector for up to 1000 Gal/min. It has 2 Raymarine ‘Axiom’ pro multifunction displays with every bit of electronics you could want for including, regular depth sonar and side scanning sonar, Dopler Radar and FLIR all connected. These units can also take input from certain drones models if needed.

Jamie Gavan

In terms of firefighting capabilities, the boat carries an impressive amount of gear.

  • 19 lengths of percolating and 2 lengths of non-percolating 38mm hose
  • 5 lengths 65mm percolating
  • 3 lengths 65mm non-percolating
  • Full CABA capabilities (with 2 spare cylinders)
  • Chainsaw and full kit
  • First aid kit, Oxygen therapy kits, and AED
  • Folding stretchers, due to parts of the Woronora, Georges and Port Hacking rivers that have no road access
  • It has the marinised versions of the new RFS radios (position indicating) as well as a marinised version of the fireground radio, plus VHF.
  • A tie-down on the foredeck, in case of a need to insert a RAFT bike team.

Today we took delivery of a replacement vessel for our Woronora Bush Fire Brigade, known as Boat Bravo. Our vessels play an important role in providing a firefighting and emergency capability on the Woronora River and surrounding waterways. Many homes are located on the Woronora River which are only accessible by water.This boat is newly designed and developed for the NSW RFS, following consultation with water based Brigades, RFS Engineering and the boat builder.Congratulations to Woronora Brigade on receipt of this wonderful addition to our fleet.M

Posted by NSW Rural Fire Service Sutherland Shire on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Thanks to Jamie Gavan and Insp. Scott Deller for the photos and video.

Woronora Boat Bravo - Jamie Gavan
The old 15B on the left, replaced by the newer version on the right

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