Welcome to Flashover!

Here you will find a thriving community of firefighters and fire fighting enthusiasts from across Australia. When participating within these forums or interacting with content on the site at large, there is a requirement to adhere to our acceptable use policy, specifically in relation to :

  • Appropriate treatment of members and the flashover team. Any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or intimidation of members will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate levels of discretion when discussing or posting images related to fire ground operations and incidents. Specifically, no identifiable photos of civilians in any form, no identifiable information relating to MVA’s or incidents where members of the public or fire services have been injured.
  • If any incident involved fatalities, photos are not to be displayed – at all. Respect will be shown to the deceased and families of.
  • The flashover admin team will remove any forum topic where the content is deemed to be inappropriate, or in the opinion of the flashover team, not suitable for the website.
  • No reviews of products or companies as this has potential legal ramifications
  • There is absolutely no ‘us vs them’ in relation to discussion or posts between fire services or firefighting capacites. If you’re an Australian firefighter of any capacity, you’re welcome here. Any such behaviour that contradicts this will be removed.

Whilst this forum is intended for use by fire fighters, we still need to remain respectful to those that we encounter – both here and in the field. A healthy debate is supported and encouraged, discussions that descends into any form of depravity, arm chair fire fighting or any content that contradict the use policy above will be removed. This is not a face book group – we need to uphold the reputations of the services or businesses we represent.