About Flashover – Australian Firefighting

Behind the curtain

Flashover is Australia’s fastest-growing and most recognised firefighting website, designed purely to deliver news and content relevant to Australian firefighters. We put our content in the hands of 15,000 – 35,000 readers a month with an audience made up of almost entirely from people within the firefighting industry.

Our goal

We’re setting out to promote the positive side of Australian firefighting and become a resource for firefighters nationwide. We pride ourself on our credibility and strive to deliver content that is relevant to firefighters of all kinds. We don’t just want to be an Australian firefighting website, we want to be *the* Australian firefighting website.

What you will find on Flashover

  • Relevant current event stories.
  • Positive mental health promotion.
  • Gear and Accessory recommendations.
  • A showcase of incidents, appliances and stations.
  • Interviews with key figures and firefighters.
  • Training and drill guides.
  • A welcoming site and community that gives all firefighters the respect they deserve, regardless of the patch on the shoulder. There is absolutely no ‘us and them’ – it’s just us!

What you won’t find on Flashover

  • Political debate or bias.
  • Any form of content that seeks to defame, intimidate, influence or segregate firefighters.
  • Posts or content that involve people who have been injured, killed or trapped at incidents.

What we post

We break our content down into specific categories to ensure we are delivering the right information for our readers.

Incidents and Appliances

Stories and posts relating to the lastest appliances being delivered to stations around the country, or content written to showcase the hard work and difficulties faced by firefighters. These posts are a staple part of Flashover’s content as we strive to highlight the efforts of Australian firefighters.


If we come across a bit of gear or technology that we feel would be useful for Australian firies – we’ll promote it. It needs to fall within our ethos of being of value and not purely a commercial gain for Flashover.

We maintain a section on the website called “Recommended Gear” where we keep a dynamic set of pages recommending what we feel to be the best bang for your buck or the most suitable piece of equipment for a specific need. You can check that out right here.

We just getting started

We’re only a small team, but we’re working hard on making Flashover a nationally recognised brand and our plans are *big*, but like any good thing, we have to start off small and work our way up! We’re getting there and we’re super pumped to make it happen.

But you know what? We’ve not too big to accept a helping hand! So if you’re interested in helping out – hit us up. Maybe you’ve got writing experience, or run another blog, or perhaps a popular social media page. Maybe we can work on something together! There’s a form below if you’re interested.

How do we do it

We run a slack channel for the admin team to keep the website running, that takes time and a bit of cash. We have automated software to deliver content on a scheduled based on our social media platforms, which currently are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We love getting photos, videos and information sent to us which we can then write up into a good news story, or give it a run on our social media. Promoting events, fundraisers and go fund me’s are always a pleasure to help out with and we’ve helped raise thousands of dollars for firefighting causes around the country.

Maybe there’s something we can help do for you? get in touch with us – we’d love to lend a hand!

Drop us a line

You can drop your deets into the form below, or you can use the popup facebook messager service. Facebook will probably get you a quicker reply, but if it’s a lengthy question – shoot us an email.

Thanks for your interest and stay safe.