4 stations defend town from 55,000 HA fire

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A number of fires were started by lightning strikes on Wednesday near Nullagine, Western Australia.  Pushed along by winds and dry conditions, the fires combined the next day to form a single 55,000 hectare fire!

By Friday, the fire had burnt within 5km of the town of Nullagine and was still taking a run backed by 30 km/h winds.

Crews from Newman VFRS, Tom Price BFB and Marble Bar VFES were turned out to assist Nullagine BFB Captain Jon Payne. Crews were met by DFES and LG incident controllers from Port Hedland, Karratha and Newman.

The fire burnt up to the town site at sunset that evening starting fires within the town. Multiple small fires ignited the roof tops of the police station and local caravan park, but were quickly extinguished by crews with no major damages were reported.

Back burns were conducted under trying conditions with winds at times gusting to 60km and temperatures of 40 degrees. Fire crews burnt out pockets of fuel within the town site throughout that night and the next morning.

The fire is still burning at advice level with no further risk to town.
Photos and info from Newman VFRS.

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