2 bits of gear to add to your station from AFAC 2019

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If there’s one thing that firies like, it’s new gear. We did a few laps of the exhibition floor at AFAC 2019 and found these 2 bits of gear to add to your station.

Arm Core Cooler Harness

Not all stations have access to fireground rehabilitation equipment and if they do, it’s usually via a specialist appliance or a bunch of gear that takes up half a locker in the appliance.

Enter the Harcor “Arm Core Cooler Harness”. This nifty bit of kit is worn around the neck and has two long pouches filled with cold water, allowing firefighters to submerge their arms and begin to cool their core body temperature.

It’s lightweight, portable and allows firefighters to begin rehabilitation in any setting or location.

It comes in various forms and packs, head on over to Harcor’s website to grab your pack now.

Photos: AFAC 2019

The Wedge-It

When it comes to door wedges, there’s no one easy solution for firefighters to carry in their pocket. We’ve seen firies with wooden wedges, plastic door stops and about a hundred other combinations of items to stop those doors closing. We got the chance to have a look at the Wedge-It this year and it seems pretty bloody handy.

Made in the USA from recycled materials, the Wedge-It can be used in 3 different ways – on top of the door, over the Hinge Pin, or on the floor. It’s small enough to have in your jacket pocket and could be used for a whole range of reasons.

You can pick it up in packs on Amazon, here’s two that we found.
2 Pack Lime Green and a 4 Pack Lime Green.

Photos: AFAC 2019 and the image is from Wedge-It’s website.

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