Video: International Firefighter Survival Challenge

You have *got* to see this challenge. It looks amazing! Teams from around the world recently competed in an amazing firefighter survival challenge held in Portugal and the video they have produced is brilliant. Where do we sign up?!
3 Houses Alight - Napier Avenue, Lurnea

Photos: 3 houses alight in Western Sydney

Firefighters in Western Sydney were called to reports of multiple houses alight in Lurnea. On arrival, crews found a row of three houses to be well alight - two of which were totally destroyed by fire. All three houses suffered significant damage, two had internal collapses during operations. 

Photos: First look at FRNSW’s new livery

We get our first look at the results of Fire & Rescue NSW re-branding, which was rumoured to involve new signage and livery for their appliances.

Video : WA Firies work on bushfire in 90km/h wind and rain

The crews over in Western Australia have had some pretty difficult conditions over the last few days – but this one is certainly something different.The crew from Dunsborough Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade turned out to a re-ignition of a previous fire and arrived to find an area of bush alight – in the howling wind and rain!
CFA Ultra Heavy Tanker Prototype

Photos: CFA Prototype Ultra Heavy Tanker

Modelled off the NSW RFS equivalent, the CFA has two new "Ultra Heavy Tanker's" out and doing the rounds in the field. This vehichle has a 9,000-litre water tank with a 1,000lpm pump and some interesting additions for the CFA.

Photos & Video: Firies comfort Koala during major Sydney bushfire

There were large scale bushfires in Sydney this April with crews from both Fire + Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire service attending - by the hundreds. One NSW RFS crew from Mount Hunter Rural Fire Brigade were working on a sector within the Holsworthy fire and protecting infrstructure when a large male Koala came out of the bush, looking shocked and distressed.

Video: Firies use shield for police car alight

Firefighters required the assistance of police rescue, specifically a shield, to combat a police car alight on the M7 in Western Sydney.

Video: Internal attack video from warehouse fire

102 Regentville from FRNSW were called to Avida RV at Emu Plains for reports of an "alarm operating". The incident was upgraded to a structure fire 4th alarm as a large column of smoke could be seen by crews responding to the incident.

Video: Firies use light tanker to make entry into shop

The Go Health Lunch Bar was up in flames in Western Australia, with heavy smoke found on arrival. There were difficulties gaining access into the property, so the crews used a somewhat unconventional entry method.

Berowra firies capture and release beautiful python snakes

You have got to see the vertical climb on one of these diamond pythons. Absolutely amazing - yet terrifying!