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Photos: 1 House, 9 cars and a boat destroyed by fire

On March 5th, 2019, multiple 000 calls were received to a grass fire in Plunkett Road, Cedar Creek QLD. As appliances were responding, the incident was upgraded to a car fire, then subsequently a house fire.

Fantastic photos from NSW Strike Team

NSW RFS Strike Teams were recently deployed to the Catarrh Creek Road fire near Torrington and Andrew Flakelar from Belrose Rural Fire Brigade photographed some stunning images of the campaign. These capture some great operational activity, along with a more personable side not often seen in fireground photos. Great stuff.


DFES WA Launches instagram with stunning collection of photos

Western Australia's Department of Fire & Emergency Services has launched their Instagram presence with a bang. We were lucky enough to grab a bunch of their photos before they went up, take a look at these shots. . They - are - fantastic.

Photos: Mount Compass fire, South Australia

The Mount Compass fire in South Australia kept crews busy as fire ripped through grass and scrub. At one point the CFS issued an emergency warning as the fire threatened several houses.



The LAFD’s personal TICs. Could they be used in Australia?

Having seen the buzz surrounding the newly issued Thermal Imaging Cameras for the LA Fire Department, we reached to the LAFD Foundation for more details. Could they be used in Australia? What kind of specs do they come with? Read on to find out a bit more about how they came to be issued in LA and what kind of hardware they pack.


Audio: Radio of Kilsyth factory fire

Following on from our previous post regarding the large factory fire in Kilsyth VIC, we have the dispatch and operations radio recordings available. If you haven't seen the footage, watch the clip below before the audio. If the sounds of the gas cylinders in the video weren't terrifying enough, wait until you hear the first arriving appliance!