Orange Fire - Eyetrix Productions

Photos: Amazing photos of NSW Fires

Now this is how you take photos of a bushfire! Check out these amazing photos from Eyetrix Productions taken of the Orange fire in February 2018.

Video: Incredible footage of Air Ambulance crossing the road!

It isn't fire related, but this sure is some amazing footage! Damian Goodman had just left work when he noticed this Air Ambulance literally "crossing the road". You have got to see this one!
Richmond Train Crash - George Mirage Beotich‎

Photos: Train crash in NSW with multiple injuries

Multiple people were injured at Richmond Train Station when a train entering the station failed to brake in time and collided with the barrier at the end of the line. The incident drew a large scale response from multiple agencies, including the Toll rescue helicopter.
Warringah Timelapse

Video: Timelapse of night operations in NSW

Here's a nifty little video put together from Deputy Captain J.Boyle - Warringah Headquarters NSW Rural Fire Service. While sitting in the driver's seat, he was able to shoot this timelapse video of his crew at work while they undertook backburning in the Royal National Park.

Video: Firefighter finds red bellied snake in helmet!

If you're not a fan of snakes, maybe skip this post! A firefighter from 455 Rutherford in New South Wales was heading to another station to cover a shortage when he noticed something move near his turnout gear...
5th Alarm Tamworth 2018 - Tom Cooper

Photos & Video : 5th Alarm fire in Tamworth NSW

Tamworth firies responded to reports of a building fire and on arrival found a local trucking company with heavy fire showing through the roof. The building, which contained pallets of explosive material and aerosols, was totally destroyed by the fire.

Videos: Amazing DC10 footage from NSW fires

The big guns have been out recently for bush fires burning to the north of Sydney, up around the Williamtown and Raymond Terrace area. There have been lots of videos doing the rounds of this impressive machine working in close proximity to crews and houses, so we grabbed a few of the best ones for you!

Tassie firies knock up a “Cleveland Roller”

Necessity is the mother of invention! Inspired by the benefits of the Cleveland hose lay, these firefighters in Tasmania have built a hose rolling device at station to assist in quickly packaging up their hose into the Cleveland Lay. Hose rolling tools are nothing new, but this one is designed specifically with the Cleveland Lay in mind and from what they said, it works a charm!

Video: Tassie firies use Cleveland Roll for bush fire

Last year we posted about the benefits of the "Cleveland Roll" or "Cleveland Lay", particularly when used for structure fires or fires in confined spaces. The roll is also immensely useful for bush fires where you are unable to roll out hose due to the thickness of the scrub or the terrain you're working in. Have a look at this video of it being used at a recent fire in Tasmania!

Video: Firies capture amazing view of Sydney NYE fireworks

This is certainly not the view we are used to seeing on the news. Redfern firies captured this amazing perspective of the iconic Sydney fireworks as they were stationed up near the bridge.