Video: Child rescued from top of live power pole

This is an incredible rescue of a young boy who climbed his way along live power lines to end up on stop of a power-pole. Watch the moment firies rescue him and bring him to safety.
Hayley Dun - Firefighter and stair climber

Hayley Dun – Aussie Firefighter and stair climber extraordinaire!

With climbs under her belt in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Hayley has her sights set on New York!
Aldinga Beach CFS Pumper

Photos: Aldinga Beach CFS receive new pumper

The new pumper is the first of 3 new appliances built by the CFS, which shares the same same design as the new CFA medium pumpers - just built on the Isuzu cab chassis. Aldinga Beach Pumper is the first one to make it out to a station and by all accounts, it's fantastic.

FLAIM – The virtual reality firefighting simulator

There is no denying that as technology advances, our training techniques will (or should) progress with it.  This VR setup features haptic feedback, breathing apparatus and heated PPE!
399 Narrabri BA Trailer 2018

Training: FRNSW 399 drill with the “BA trailer”

Fire &/+ Rescue operates what is known as the BA Trailer, a specialised operational appliance which makes its way around the state giving firefighters a chance to train in heavy smoke whilst inside a makeshift house/building/structure. We spoke with 399 Narrabri about their recent drill night in the trailer and what the crew took away from it.

Video: Watch RP62 Bankstown respond into the sunset

62 were straight on the horns and rumbler as they pull out of the engine bay and into good old Sydney traffic. Majestic. 

Video: Amazing door entry drill for Perisher Valley firies!

Now this is a door entry drill like no other - have a look at what the snowy crews face when preparing to enter a building!

Photos: Firies battle house fire as hoses freeze solid

Firies at 475 Uralla, 205 Armidale and Digging RFB were called to a house fire in the early hours of the morning and arrived to find smoke and fire through the roof. The trouble was, it was bloody freezing. Literally.

Meet Cam Simpson, the FRNSW Ninja Warrior!

As people ran, jumped, swung and crashed their way through the Australian Ninja Warrior course this season, there were competitors from within the Australian firefighting ranks. Meet Cameron Simpson, Firefighter at 085 Chester Hill with Fire & Rescue NSW, who competed last night and made his way through to the semi finals!

Station Spotlight : 426 Perisher Valley NSW

We spoke with 426 Perisher Valley Fire Station about their staffing, appliances and setup through the winter season. Have a look at the gear they have for getting around in the snow!